Rapid Wright-Giemsa Stain Set 4x450ml

SKU : VCS-001

1 Set/Box

Rapid Wright-Giemsa  fixative 450ml

SKU : VCS-002

1 Bottle

Rapid Wright-Giemsa Stain 450ml

SKU : VCS-003

1 Bottle

Rapid  Wright-Giemsa buffer 450ml

SKU : VCS-004

1 Bottle

Rapid  Wright-Giemsa buffer 2.5L

SKU : VCS-0042

1 Gallon

Wright’s Stain Set 3x450ml

SKU : VCS-005

1 Set/Box

Wright's Stain 450ml

SKU : VCS-006

1 Bottle

Wright's Stain Buffer 450ml

SKU : VCS-007

1 Bottle

Dip Quick Stain Set 4x450ml

SKU : VCS-008

1 Set/Box

Dip Quick Methanol 450ml

SKU : VCS-009

1 Bottle

Dip Quick Eosin 450ml

SKU : VCS-010

1 Bottle

Dip Quick Methylene Blue 450ml

SKU : VCS-011

1 Bottle

Gram Stain Set (4x450ml)

SKU : VCS-012

1 Set/Box

Gram Crystal Violet 450ml

SKU : VCS-013

1 Bottle

Gram Iodine 450ml

SKU : VCS-014

1 Bottle

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